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Pork Butt
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Easter Dinner

I decided to smoke the fully cooked Easter ham this year. I rubbed it, and put it in the WSM, running at 200-210. I basted it every half hour or so with a chicken stock/pineapple juice/dry mustard mop, and glazed it with a honey/pineapple juice glaze.


Plated. Sides were baked yams and apples and asparagus. The stuff between the ham and the yams is a dish that has been a tradition in my wife's family (Her grandmother came from Poland) for at least 100 years. It is cut up ham, kielbasa, and hard-boiled egg, dressed with horseradish and mustard. I add a little mayo to it as well for a bit more moistness.


I have tried to research if this is a traditional Polish Easter dish, but have found nothing. Apparently just a family favorite or possibly a local dish in the town where Grandma came from.

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Re: Easter Dinner

It all looks good to me NewHeart, even the 100 year old stuff That plated picture is great!

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Re: Easter Dinner

Man bravo thats a great looking easter dinner, never heard of that dish but It sounds very tasty indeed, everything looks great
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Re: Easter Dinner

That all looked great.
I hope this isn't negative!
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Re: Easter Dinner

kudos to all who did a whole ham...just one person at the Morgan
household, so I just did a ham steak.
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God O'Que
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Re: Easter Dinner

Great looking Easter dinner!!
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Re: Easter Dinner

Yes...yes..yes! That ham looks great NewHeart! I bought on and it's sitting in the fridge for my next smoke.
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Re: Easter Dinner

Good Stuff.
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Baby Back
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Re: Easter Dinner

Yeah baby thats what I'm talkin about haha
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Re: Easter Dinner

me and my family got together last Christmas and we are really big family so it was a challenge for me to cook something that everyone loves so i figured i could just do a home grill and some barbeque and chicken for the kids and some beef for the more older generation, i also grilled some veggies especially corn as i know a lot of us in the family really loves it.we had a blast! looking forward to the next easter

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