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Curley's - The Haul!

Well, had a good time at Curley's sausage seminar. Picked up some good pointers an some new goodies!

The new meat mixer, hog casins to do a 150 lbs a meat, cellulose casins fer the wieners, a wiener mix, a summer sausage mix (won that), two salamie kits (gifts fer attendin), silicone spray, a pound a cure #1, a 1/4" an 3/8" plate fer the grinder, a container a stubbs bbq rub an two bags a stubs charcoal.

Enjoyed spendin the day with Mark (Daboys, a buddy from another forum) an meetin some new folks. Might even go back again next year if they have one!

Spent the night in Jesup, where we did some lookin round town (Small place!) an stopped in the local meat locker. Been a meat locker fer 80 years, feller is lookin to retire an wan'ts somone to buy it. Boy, that sure is a temptation! Can't justifiy it right now, but if things change, well ya just never know!

Good smokes
Just a Hillbilly/Redneck
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Family Country and Knowledge
A Smokin business that we growin slow but steady!
GOSM gas smoker
Hillbilly Drum Smoker - (Trident 1)
Fridge Conversion- Used Ta Be Cool - Great fer sausage, Ham, Bacon an Cheese!
Reverse flow tank smoker-buildin it
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That first cold snap sure brings out the 'I want" when it comes to sausage.

The fight ain't over until the winner says it is.

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Sounds like a real good time Hillbilly
& a table full of goodies to boot

" A Touch of Hickory * A Taste of the Blues "
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Nice haul on the goods.
Pitboss/ Sous Chef/ Manager at Holiday Market Smokehouse
Royal Oak Mi.
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Looks like you are ready to go!!!!
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