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Coshell Charcoal Test Burn...

I have both pictures and a video. First my notes:

I did this test yesterday during the afternoon. It was sunny, 40* and breezy. I lit the coal in the Bayou burner for 10 minutes and then dumped them in to the charcoal bowl of the WSM...left unassembled.

These briquettes, as you will see, are not very big. I am not sure if these are the just sample sizes or if this is going to be the retail product size. From what I could tell, the only draw back to these would be if these are the actually size briquettes. They are quite small and you would need quite a number of them to provide some real heat for cooking.

That being said, some unique characteristics...they were a little heavier than the new KF product. They are very tightly packed and they are very hard. During light up, there was NO SMOKE! NONE! The smell was comparable to a lump or the new KF on start up...but substantially less aroma than anything I have every burned.

Total burn time was about an hour...after the 60 minute time frame the coals were very small and had very little heat left in them. The best feature about this product is the ash. There was hardly any at all. Granted, there were only 10 briquettes, but if I would have burned 10 KF coals they would have had very visible left over ash.

So, while I cannot give a true thumbs up because I just didn't have enough of the product to grill or smoke anything, the way it performed during this test allows me to say that I would buy a bag in a retail setting to try it out.

I will be interviewing these guys on the show perhaps we will learn where they are going to sell this stuff, if the charcoal will be in bigger pieces, what the price point will be and how they plan to compete with the big boys of the charcoal world.

NOW, here are the pics and the video!


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Nice review Greg. Thanks
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