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Competition Question

I have a question that I thought would make for a great discussion. So here it is:

Do you feel that people, who try turning in something “different” than everyone else, are punished in the scoring? I mean if you do not turn in thighs for your chicken entry. Or if you put an asian BBQ sauce on your ribs instead of a traditional BBQ sauce. If you do something to “stand out” can it cost you? What do you think?

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I think it can cost you, but I can't say for sure. I can say I think people are attracted to the traditional aspects of barbecue, and that means traditional flavors.

I would like to think the traditional types would be presented in a barbecue contest, but I would hate to see a fabulous oriental or
carribbean dish disqualified....I just think most judges go with their heart.

I'd love to hear what others that compete more have to say.

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I only cook IBCA so there is no garnish and no sauce unless it's cooked in. 7 slices of brisket, 7 ribs, and 1/2 chicken fully jointed in the box. Not much room to experiment except for the flavor. Too hot, too sweet, too dark, too done or not done.

With any comp there is always those who push the limits on the rules. I commend them for it because it makes it more interesting overall. Our current discussion in IBCA is "what is cooked on?" How long do you cook the sauce on to qualify for being cooked on. It's obvious if the sauce is running off into the bottom of the box, but not so obvious if you soak some brisket in the juices a little while and then pat it dry before turn in.

I say push the rules to the limit, talk up your game to everyone and get the word around that there is more than one type of bbq to please more than one type of taste.
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I agree, you need to put the WOW factor into it, there is only so many combinations of rub, glazes,sauce, injections you can use. I think the quality of the meat you start with helps alot. Most of my meat to be smoked comes from local farmers, not the confinement supermarket preinjected for freshness stuff

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