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Clean thermometer..??

I though I read somewhere that people clean the ends of there thermometers to help keep them as accurate as possible. I tried wiping down the Tel-Tru I have on my UDS, but nothing really came off... What do most people use to clean there thermometers with..?? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Clean thermometer..??


The best thing I have found is a spray bottle of Clorox Bleach. Simply spray the tend of the therm and all the gunk will dissolve and the therm will become clean before your eyes.
Check your local grocery stores, I'm sure thy carry it.

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Re: Clean thermometer..??

I scrape the gunk off with a razor blade knife.
I hope this isn't negative!
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Re: Clean thermometer..??

Simple Green and a 3-M green pad work for me.

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Re: Clean thermometer..??

steel wool.
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Re: Clean thermometer..??

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work very well. If you've never tried them they work very well on cleaning surfaces all over the house.
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Re: Clean thermometer..??

Thanks Jester.

Never thought about it one way or another.
I'll have to clean it.

anybody know if drippins on your probe will effect temps?
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Re: Clean thermometer..??

I second the simple green soak and the green side of those scrubby sponges you get in the grocery store. Depending on the manufacturer of the thermometer, only the very last 1/8 to 1/4" inch (the point) has the bi-metal conductor that detects the temp. As long as that part is clean, the rest really should not matter in regards to performance. Don't soak the wire, just the probe itself.

I'm a big fan of being clean so I think its important to keep all the gadgets looking like new.

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