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Old 05-25-2010, 11:13 PM   #1
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Chicken Whisperer

After some really bad months the weather broke and I got back in the kitchen. Got lucky and made 2 nice meals over the weekend. One used a new dry rub and one uses one we already had. Couple nice sides and a few cold beers and we had fun. It was nice.

Since I grilled and then barbequed the bird I thought I should put it in General Barbeque, hopefully this is right. Any way Saturday an old friend visited and we made a split chicken with a new dry rub, Barabicu. Its a salt free blend and my new favorite think for chicken and pork.

I started to carve it but it came right apart. Nice.

Some roasted corn and over-cooked Jamaican Jerk Sweet Potatoes served with it.

We also made some ABTs for the first time and everyone loved them. They did not last very long and I only made six. I know, if I had known better I would have made a couple dozen. We will be doing that again and I am going to stuff them with crab and cream cheese like a Jalapeno Rangoon.

Bryan Knox
Knox's Spice Company
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Re: Chicken Whisperer

Hey Bryan, loved the video! That chicken looks great. I noticed some red ties around your corn on the grill. What are you using for that? Defiantly going to get some of that new rub. When's the Barabicu rub gong to be available on your web site?

Smokey Lew
Riverside, California
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Wizard of Que
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Re: Chicken Whisperer

Smokey Lew, I strip the silk out of the corn and then pull the husk back over the ear and tie the ends. Sometimes I put butter in it before I tie them if the wife's not looking. I put the corn on the back edge of my grill and have left it there for an hour sometimes longer. Personally I like it light brown with roasted sweetness. The leftovers make great corn chowder or I put it in fruit salsa. The corn in the video could have used some more time and heat in my opinion, but everybody else liked it. Usually I would mix together stick of melted butter, a half a habanero (deseeded & minced) and a tablespoon or so minced onion and brush it on when they are done but I got lazy (cold beer). Sound spicy but its not. It's really good.

The new salt free rubs are not available yet. We are working hard to get it, along with a salt free Mexican and Thai style rub for a farmers market this summer. I will post a note when I have them here and available on the site, hopefully sooner than later.
Bryan Knox
Knox's Spice Company
Regional & Specialty Dry Rubs and Seasonings
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Saint O'Que
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Re: Chicken Whisperer

Man O Man Bryan that's a mighty tasty lookin' cook you
put together! The chicken looks delicious & as always I enjoy
your vids & choices of music

" A Touch of Hickory * A Taste of the Blues "
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Re: Chicken Whisperer

That sure looks like some fine.

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Re: Chicken Whisperer

Love it!.... Missed your vids. You're such a funny guy.
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God O'Que
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Re: Chicken Whisperer

Thats some fine looking chicken. Gonna have to try Jamaican sweet potatoes.
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Re: Chicken Whisperer

Bryan, great lookin' chicken, super color.

Buzz Price
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