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Never heard of them. But if they're not enhanced, give em a try. What you got to lose?


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Re: Chicago Meat Authority Ribs

Originally Posted by Big Mike
Since Gary asked about Curlys ribs, I figured I would ask about Chicago Meat Authority Ribs.

My friend who recommends Curlys ribs gets them from a GFS down in Florida. However, the GFS here in Dayton carrys Chicago Meat Authority ribs. They are pre-trimmed, 2.5lbs and down, individually wrapped.

Has anyone used these?

What is GFS?

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Gordon Food Service...its kinda like a Sams or BJ's but it is open to the public and doesn't require any membership. I do a lot of shopping at the one near my house! Has a lot of great stuff for the cook in you! Worth the look if you have one near you for sure!!
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Sorry Mike...I moved here from Kentucky...meant to say that I shopped at GFS when I was in KY...wishfull thinking here I guess!
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