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Most of the plases I go to in NC put your sandwich on a piece tissue like bakery or pastry shops use (but bigger). If you order fries, they are in a paper tray. This is if you eat in. If it's "to go" the fry tray is wrapped in the tissue and so is the sandwich.

If you buy a small tray of bbq, it's a (sort of) cardboard tray... half filled with BBQ, half slaw. To go gets wrapped in the tissue.

A BBQ plate moves you up to a cardboard plate. "To go" get you the std restaurant styrofoam container.

Hope this helps some.


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I understand the character part of the butcher paper. You'll find that more in Texas area than in Carolina area. Finney is right....tissue paper (or whatever it is) is more prevalent here, I think because the Carolina's are decidedly more rural than urban, and most folks have places near by
to go to. So the heavy butcher paper is not needed as much. The tissue
paper will do fine in the BBQ localized Carolinas.

The problem with the styrofoam boxes is that they will "sweat" your fries and buns soggy if not opened before long. One more reason why a bbq
plate should come with hushpuppies!

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If you aren't going to eat it on site then I would think most people understand that the food is going to be a little soggy in the travel back to the office...I wouldn't worry about it to much Doc!

What about buying/renting a few picnic tables to keep people on site to get the freshest taste possible...just a thought!
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