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Can ribs be mostly smoked, then grilled later?

I'm planning on a mass smoking later this week. I'm going to be hanging out with my friend the next day and he has requested pork ribs. He lives several hours from me so even if I do his the same day, they'll have to be cooled before they reach him. He claims microwaves destroy food and refuses to reheat anything in them.

He loves grilling and I'd like him to have something hot off the grill instead of reheated. Is it possible for me to smoke them for 4 hours or so and let them get a nice flavor then refrigerate them and let him finish them on his grill the next day?

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I don't see why they couldn't be.

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That is the way I like to make my ribs, I prefer them as "leftovers" rather than right off the grill. Just cook them all the way like you normally would, they will set up when they cool. Fire up your grill about half hour before its time to eat, place your ribs on once they are warmed up sauce them if you want.
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I learned from Vermin999, works well.
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This is a few days old but I'll chime in.

The best way I've found to save and serve leftover pulled pork is to put it in a vacuum seal bag and freeze. Dropping the bag into boiling water gets them up to heat without drying out, and it preserves the flavor.

So, why'd I say that? I am wondering aloud if this would work with ribs as well for longer term storage?
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As long as it is in a vacuum bag I forsee no problems, if it was in a ziplock bag the only thing I would see happening is freezer burn.
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I was poking around in the fridge looking for some leftovers to have for lunch. Nothin'.

Out of habit I opened the freezer and spotted a Ziplock bag with a half slab of ribs that I had smoked on Father's Day, so about 3 months ago. I put them in there because my kid was working out of town but was due home in a couple of weeks for a visit. I figured when he came home he'd eat them, he didn't and they've been in there ever since.

So, what DOES happen when you freeze smoked ribs in a Ziplock for 3 months then heat them up in a microwave? This is a piece of tip that was torn off a slab. It was put in the bag with the half slab. I thawed it some first, then put it on high for about 45 seconds.

Not dry at all, plenty of smoky goodness. What little bark that left from where the piece was torn off was mushy, but I guess that's no surprise. No freezer burn quite yet, but I won't wait too much longer to pull and reheat them.


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