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caja china

Anyone ever use one of these?

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There was a member here that had one but she hasn't been around for a while. I saw it used on BBQ with Bobby Flay...seems cool but I wouldn't get one...but that's just me.

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We tried one. Incredible PITA. Very much not good results. Pig ended up way too much like it had been steamed-braised, without that underground pit goodness. Uses a TON of coal. It's just pure indirect heat like an indoor oven, and doesn't get any smoke to the meat at all.

Only thing to recommend it is that you can go outside and drink beer while the better halves are plotting amongst themselves. Otherwise... nothing good. Don't even think of using it for anything smaller than a whole hog either. Too much trouble -- and you can do much better cooking in a variety of other ways.

What you're left with is something that sort of mimics an underground pit, but not all that well. It's probably worthwhile if you and your family do a couple of pigs a year, you have a tradition of underground pit cooking (not as smoky and moister than open or closed pit) and no one has enough backyard to dig an actual pit. In that and only in that case -- a definite maybe.

My 2.l07 cents.

What were we talking about?

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i know a Jamaican guy that uses one fairly often...says that he would rather build his own - something a little more sturdier...but he makes jerk pork in the thing and it comes out really good...i've never seen one up close and in action though....

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I've heard more bad than good about those.
Like BDL says. It's an oven ... not a pit.
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Here is there website:

I've used one twice in a pinch with alright results. It's definately not real BBQ as we know it by any means, but it'll roast a pig in a pinch.

I agree that it is made of very flimsy material and could use some help in that department.

They now have an attachment that burns wood pellets to get a smoke flavor, but I've never used one with it.

I think that the idea is good, but if you know a welder, or can build one yourself, it can be a much better unit for some one that only does a whole hog once in a while.

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I helped with one once. BDL hit it right on the head, your just steaming it!
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No but have used one of these every Easter and boy you can drink many of pops waiting for the hog to cook.

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