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Butt help

I've got 5 butts for tomorrows big game. I think I have it figured out but want to double check with you folks. 2 butts on bottom rack laid flat. 3 butts on top rack in a teepee method. I'm looking to wrap the butts and store in cooler around 6:00 PM Sunday night. I think I should put butts on WSM at 12:00 tonight (Sat). That should give me plenty of time to cook. The butts are approximatley 7.75 lbs. each with bone in. Does thius look like a game plan??


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That don't sound too bad, Nick. But I've had many butts go over 18 hours and since you have 5 that will be cuddled up together, they'll help keep each other warm. I don't think it'd hurt to start a couple / 3 hours earlier, do you? Better to be done early than late.
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yeah, holding in the cooler is amazing. They can go for hours, and many say they even taste better that way. Start at 9 pm.
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If you have them on by 10pm they will probably finish around 2pm or so...hold in cooler and they will be ready to go by 6pm!
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Nick, do as Bill suggested! If they finish sooner who cares! 5 butts in one cooler will hold for 4-5 hours easily! You don't want to end up rushing them! I'd start 10pm at the latest! That's a good amount of meat!
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Nick you said you want to put them in the cooler at 6pm ... in your plan how long are you figuring on holding them (when do you plan to serve)?

Do you foil your butts around 160ºF? If so and you already had 2 - 3 hours of rest time in your plan, I would start at midnight like you said.

Otherwise I agree with Larry, Bill, the Captain and nearly Greg, I'd start at 9pm

suggestion: for the teepee method, roll up some tin foil for spacers to keep the meat from touching at the top, I've also used bamboo skewers to fix the top of the teepee. Kind of a PITA, but if you want to lift the top rack out for mopping the bottom I think it's a great way to help stabilize them
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I just put mine on "Texas Hottie I." Got a roarin fire at 4:30. Reduced it to a bed of coals with a pit temp around 200. Rubbed the suckers with "Southern Succor Rub" and mustard and trew em on at about 5:30. Workin a mix of oak and hickory right now. Throw a log on about every 45 minutes. Temp will run 220-250. The butts will be done by 4:00 and I will "coolerize" them. Throwing a couple of 7 lb flats on (worcestershire and Texas BBQ Rub "Brisket Blend" ) at about 8 for finish at 4-5 pm. Doin some beans in a beautimous new oblong 20"L x 10"W x 10"D cast iron "Cajun Chef" roaster I bought this week (got two). A couple dozen kielbasi. My friends are lucky! Check this place out for cast iron cookware:

http://www.lehmans.com/jump.jsp?itemTyp ... =0&i4Cat=0
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Nice link WoodDoug.


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