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Brisket using Piedmont Pan on WSM

I haven't had time to do the brisket I defrosted this week so I decided to start it this afternoon and do it through the night on the WSM. This is the first time using the Piedmont Pan. It went to 230ish within 10 minutes which I wasn't expecting so I closed all vent including the top to get the temperature manageable from the start. I got it down to 190 then got the WSM running about 235. The brisket is injected with apple cider, wet down with Worcestershire sauce, and sprinkled with texasbbqrub wild. The brisket has been on since 3:20 PM. Temperature started dropping about an hour ago at present the temperature is at 242 and the flat is at 155. I separated the point from the flat. The flat is on the top rack and the point is on the bottom. I want to make burnt ends with the point (I hope). I've got to leave for work (Driver's Education) at 7 AM. Hopefully all will be off the smoker by then. I'm using Original Charcoal Rancher briquettes. That is a first for me I have always used lump except for about 15 briquettes to get the lump started.


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Looks like you are off to a good start...Hope you make your deadline.
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