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Brine factoids

i love that word, Factoid... been waiting to fit it in somewhere

From "COOKS Illustrated" magazine, very reputable, and scientific cooking magazine..

This is from the November & December, 2006 edition

Brine facts, pg 12, 1st column, paragraph 3...

and I quote............ " While a brined bird shed 19% of its initial weight in the oven, a salted bird shed 22% of its out-of-the-package weight. ( A bird that is neither brined, or salted will shed 28% of its initial weight in the oven)

Start brining boys and girls from Q land !!!!

It's really a good magazine.. local libraries usually have it, if you dont want to buy it..

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Did it happen to mention how much it would shed if it was shot up with phosphates? That is supposed to prevent "drip loss" meaning it make the tissues of a dead creature to maintain as much moisture as if it were still alive. Seems like Joe Ames tole me that once upon a time anyway. He say thats why it is used so extensively in the sausage/meat/seafood bizness. Adds to the yield and puts mo money into the pocket of the producers. From the perspective of the eater it makes it juicier and more palatable. Guess thats why so many of the comp bbq cooks is using it in the form of FAB B..C..P...S...etc. Now it apparently fairly easy to overdo it especially on fish. Sometimes you get fish which tastes like it water logged and cooking dont seem to remedy the problemo.

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