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Anyone ever use black walnut to smoke with? my paw in law taking down a HUGE black walnut tree today and didn't know if I needed to keep it to smoke with or not.

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I have heard that it is very strong and can be bitter, but it CAN be used sparringly.

Sell the logs to a cabinetmaker or furniture maker... or have it sawn down to boards and kiln dried

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Got one, very strong, way to easy to get overpowered with it. Makes great furniture though!
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Black Walnut in mulch form or saw dust etc. is poisonous and will kill vegetation it comes in contact with. I know as a kid we would husk the green shells off the nuts when they got soft and then let the nuts dry over the winter and that resin/oil in between the husk and the nut would take a week to wear off your skin if it got on you.I would not even think about using it. JMO
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Great points. I aint neva seen any of the stuff. Think maybe I got a bbq delite sample pellet bag or two of it one time. Dont think I was ever brave enough to try it. Musta gave it away. Now my old game warden chum say green walnuts it a great to go fishing. You just stick em in a tow sack and sink em in the water. It supposedly will kill every critter in a small pond stock tank etc. Not sure it work in a fast River etc. but never tested the hypothesis. My problem in giving it a test was I dont think they allow Walnuts in Tejas cept for a few around Christmas and they fully ripe or whutever.

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Perfectly safe to use and it is quite a good flavor if used in moderation and COMPLETELY dry.

Black Walnut makes an intense smoke that is slightly bitter like walnuts. Good on red meats like Beef, Pork, Venison and other game meats. Can easily overpower poultry.

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BBQrs Delight makes Black Walnut pellets, black walnut can't be that bad

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