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Big Rons and Chicken

Recently I had the opportunity to try out Big Ron's "Taste of Houston" Dry Rub. I took some chicken and cut it into a thin fillet about the thickness of a skirt steak. Rubbed on Rons and cooked it in my grill pan on the stove.

It was excellent all around. My wife first commented on the smell, then the flavor, and she is not easily impressed.

I served it over rice with a papaya jalapeno sauce and accompanied by Chipotle Chick Peas and roasted Pineapple.

Thanks Ron!

Chicpotle Chick Peas

1 bag Chick Peas - rehydrated and drained
2 Chipotle Peppers, diced small - These are the canned ones in the Adobo Sauce
1 or so Tablespoons of te Adobo Sauce from the can
1 Handfull chopped Cilantro

Sautee the Chick Peas with the Chipotle Peppers and Adobo Sauce until heated through. Turn off and toss in the cilantro. serve warm.

This can also be made with baby canned mushrooms instead of Chick Peas.

Papaya Sauce for Chicken and Pork

3 or so cups papaya blended smooth
1 or 2 jalapenos, destemmed and deseeded, Fresh cayenne works well also
Salt to taste

Heat togeter in a pan and serve on chicken or pork. A little cream in this is nice as well but we did not have any on hand.


Bryan Knox
Knox's Spice Company
Regional & Specialty Dry Rubs and Seasonings
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wow, you win todays "most flavors on one plate" award!

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Looks good bro!
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dems some good looking eats there!!
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Yea man, sounds good to me.

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Thanks Bryan, I am glad you liked it. I plan to try your Cracked Black Pepper spice this weekend on a big thick Ribeye, can't wait!
Big Ron
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Looks good..I'll have one of them

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