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Pork Butt

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big green egg????

I've never used one. I have a wsm and used to have an offset. anyway we are visiting friends out of town and he has one he got as a gift. he's not a smoker and has no idea how to use it. he wants me to smoke some ribs while I'm here so looking for any tips/advise on the using the egg.

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Saint O'Que
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Re: big green egg????

C'mon Greg, help the guy out. Prove that ceramics aren't over rated.

Do you know how to grill ribs? that will work.

If he's never (or rarely) used the egg, then I doubt that he has the accessories (like a plate setter) to make the fire indirect, and easier for you and the ways that you know how to smoke ribs.

But, all is not lost. A bunch of people here can tell you how they cook ribs on a Weber kettle. It's basically the same.

C'mon guys, it's been so long since I've cooked on a kettle, I'd hate to ruin Gordon and friend's ribs.


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Pork Butt

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Re: big green egg????

never grilled ribs just low and slow. he has an offset as well and I'd rather use it. we'll see.
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Re: big green egg????

I only wish I had a friend or family who would "GIFT" me something as nice as a BGE
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Re: big green egg????

Ceramic cookers aren't overrated...they can be kind of pricey however, they are two cookers in one. They have the ability to go low and slow...but also have the ability to get 700+ for grilling. Sometimes space is an issue but if you are creative you can work around it. Dial in the draft and the BGE will stay at temp for hours and hours...and it runs on very little charcoal. Some folks use temp control devices on them to really maximize the burn and temp control but a lot of folks say it is not needed. If you are looking at one of those, I would suggest They have a new unit call the Party Q that is $129.
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Re: big green egg????

I've never cooked on a BGE, but had a Primo XL and Jr. Here's my take on the Primos. I cannot speak for BGE's, but I'm sure they're very similar.

These are my opinons and are not written in stone.

Pro's: Very Efficient with charcoal
Pro's: Great 'Grill'
Pro's: Very Easy to clean ash out.

Con's: Oven cooked 'texture' on BBQ when going low and slow.
Con's: Stock Gaskets can and will burn off or fall off. Aftermarket gaskets are a must.
Con's: Gaskets will seize shut due to high heat and or freeze shut in the cold.
Con's: Fire boxes WILL break. Even though you can cook with a cracked box for many years. If you pay $1K+ nothing should break.

Now with all of this said you do NOT need anything special to cook indirect. No plate setter or Guru. Simply make a pile of lump on one section of the grill either to the rear, left or right and put a drip pan underneath the meat. Then light a small spot of the pile with a hose torch or small torch. Close the lid, open top and bottom vens 100% then close 75% once the grill gets to 200*. At this point add your cold meat on the unlit side. Close the lid with the vents closed 75% and leave alone. Temperatures should settle in between 250-300, give it 30 minutes or longer to settle in, it takes time. The more you make adjustments or try to get an exact temperature the more you'll drive yourself nuts. Only make an adjustment if your temps go above 300* or below 200*.

Larry Wolfe
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