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BBQ for the Troops

It was brought to my attention today, that we stand to loose this honorable and worthwhile organization due to lack of support, after July 2nd's gig at Camp Lejeune NC, for the 2nd Tank Battalion!

Del and those who have helped, have been doing what they can, in the name of BBQ and the people that love it, to show support and thanks to members of the military!

After our small gig in Utah for 2 marines and 100 plus members of their families and friends , I have a small inkling about what it takes to do a real quality job supplying a valued gift, to those who have served our country and world with honor and integrity!

I will be making a donation of a small sum of money to them by snail mail, as the events before they shut up shop are not close to me, and I can't donate my time, cooker or meat!

In these times of world and national strife, with everyone concerned for themselves and their families, it warms my heart when I hear about the giving nature of the BBQ community, those that worked after the hurricanes and tornadoes, floods and other disasters, and those who honor us and our troops with their selfless acts of kindness.

If you have the time, you might think about offering some of it to help out, if you have the connections to a good cheap meat or fuel or pits, or even like me a little money that you can throw in the pot, perhaps now is the time to stand together on this?

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It's till alive and well in Ohio. David Waun (Smokin Brothers BBQ) does a great job and it was our privilege to help out. Uncle Bubba, U2CanQue (Rob), and I did a cook last summer for a large MP unit and their families. The troops were deploying to either Iraq or Afghanistan, I can't remember which now but they were defintiely going to be in harms way. All together now I think we fed over 350 and I think Dave fed another 150-200 at another Armory. Plan on doing it again this summer if we can. Very worthwhile and felt great to do something for the troops that were doing so much for us.

I agree though the effort needs more volunteers and cash donations as well to support the cause.
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