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Barbeque, Venison, and the Holidays

While we were coming back from Myrtle Beach after Thanksgiving, we stopped at Smithfield Chicken and Bar-B-Q for lunch. It is in Smithfield NC and on RT 301, not seen from RT95. It was good Q. The sauce was a vinegar/ketchup base with ground up hot peppers.

I had the good fortune to have a hind quarter of venison given to me recently. It is currently wrapped up and in the freezer. I would like any suggestions for cooking it. I plan to lard it, rub, it and slow cook it in the egg until it hits 190 inside. I would like to take the top end off as a roast and cook it to return my benefactor, so I want to do it up well. I know it is a very lean meat and cries out for moisture, so any tips you may have are welcome.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, and hope that you have a pleasent upcoming holiday season.


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That is a cool pic of that pizzed off pit!

Sounds like your on the right track to keep moisture on that hind quarter. There is a fine line between moist and dry with such a lean piece of meat.

In the past on deer roasts I have just gave them a good dose of sear and smoke then smothered them like a pot roast so you have plenty of gravey. Otherwise you can cut the roast in really thin strips and sear the crap out of it making sure you don't go above medium, kinda like fajita meat. Top it off with some long grain wild rice and some grilled zuchs. Serve with a merlot.

I'm sure others will offer more suggestions and Merry Christmas to you!

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You can cut some of the qtr's into steaks and marinate them in plain ol Italian dressing and onion soup's prefect.

Here's some I did...
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I wouldn't take that deer over 140* internal. Take it up to 190* and there will be nothing but leather left.

As far as suggestions, I always do my hind quarters with a wet rub made up of garlic, thyme, oregeno, tarragon, chili powder, paprika, cayenne, salt and pepper and olive oil. Put every thing in a mini food processor, make a paste out of it and slather on the roast. Then put the roast in a foil pan and slice an apple up real thin and put it on top of the roast and hold in place with tooth pics. Run the cooker up to 325* - 350* and let it go. A 4 to 5 lb hind usually takes me about 1 1/2 to 2 hours this way.

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Chris, give this place a try next time your in that area. Wilber's
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