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Baked Burritos: with Leftover "Grilled" stuff

I had some Grilled Veggies and some Grilled Shrimps in the fringe and it's hot as heck outside. I didn't want to fire the grill guessed it.

Baked Burritos

I got some Shells in the Micro for atad to soften.
Heated the oven to 350 degrees
Warmed Veggies
Warmed Grilled shrimp
Got a FRESH can of Beans
And some Shredded Cheese JB shredded and put FRESH in that bag. lol
oh I made some Taco Beef thing too.

Some beef, bean and some cheese and wrap.

So you want some sliced up Grilled Shrimps? Ok. There's veggies in there. Chele made two All Veggie ones with wheat but I didn't want to get in trouble here.

350 Oven for 20 mins. Let stand at least 5 mins to cool.

I cheaped out with Fresh Potato Chips.

Put that in yer Dinner Bucket and eat cold or warmed up? YUM!

Works with Brisket and Pork too.

Well, pulled chicken too.
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we're going to call you Frugal Mike! [smilie=a_withstupid.gif]

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I'd eat that!
I hope this isn't negative!
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Gotta eat leftovers or you can't do big cooks.

Good eats if done right
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Good use of leftovers, looks great.

"De gustibus non disputandum est,"
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Good job Mike Maybe I should start marketing Fresh Out da bag, box & can food stuffs.... Hummm,
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Yes beer qualifies as an appetizer

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Life is too short for bad BBQ

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