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Hoss I think we have all tried cooking at lower pit temps keep meat in the stall longer. I find that it works but it is a tough balancing act. I like to keep my pit temps higher 225 to 235 range and let the stall break when it
wants to. Each piece is different and when the connective tissue has given it up if you are controling the internal temp climb by pit temp you can run out of the moisture the connective tissue releases. Bump the the pit temp 15 to 20 degrees and let nature take it's course.

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Everything does seem to have a little too much sauce. While I know a lot of people would really enjoy eating them that way, it might be a little much for judging. Trust me, I'd be putting a hut'n on that stuff but would want a big wet towel when I got through.
The salmon looked really good. One day you might have to share your recipe.


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Dang Hoss, looks mighty good to me!
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Presentation wise everything looks great!. Suggestions: I don't see alot of smoke ring highlighted in your pork box. The bark pieces look a little low in the box. Your chicken also sinks down into the box a little. I've been working on raising things up with well placed lettuce under the meat and putting the parsley down into the box a little further to try to highlight the meat not the garnish. Just my .02.

Good Q!

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