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Re: Baby backs, with no foil, no sauce?

Originally Posted by Cruising
My wife went to Sam's to pick me up 6 slabs of BBRibs. We were going to
make some for dinner and freeze the rest so I can have my snacks .

She didn't realize that the Cryovacs have 3 slabs each. So we have 18 slabs
in the fridge. Hmmmm.

I am finishing up the first six now and was going to put on another 3 right
after. I usually do a 2-1-1. I thought I would try leaving these on for
4 hours straight at 235 and not foil and no sauce.

Will that work or will they be too dry? Do I have to rotate them?
That will work. The main thing with using foil is "consistency". You'll consistently get moist, tender ribs everytime that finish at the same time everytime. Some folks can do this without foil, some can't. The foil is a "tool". If you decide not to use foil, spritz the ribs with a little apple juice throughout the cook to help keep them moist.

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I agree with Larry...I would spritz a mix of apple juice and veggie oil on them from time to time and rotate them also.

I use foil everytime I do ribs just because the people that eat my ribs like that finished product better than when I don't use foil! A good test for you though!

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welcome Carl. What you cooking on?
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