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If you can keep your temps in that range I would say 4 1/2 to 5 hours, however, my experience trying to BBQ on the kettle is that it is difficult to keep temps in that range for extended periods of time.

Not saying it can't be done, just my experience. So to be on the safe side I would say 4-5 hours, less time if your temps run higher.

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the kettle is an amazing grill, but temp controls over that kind
of time period are better suited to a wsm. That said, it can easily
be just takes time and bad rack of ribs
doesn't mean it can't be done. Enjoy the journey.

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I used a One Touch Silver to make my FF winning ribs. I used the technique discussed in this thread on the Virtual Weber site. It requires keeping a close eye on your temp (every 20 minutes or so), but it makes some great bbq.

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You can cook the ribs a little hotter on the kettle and adjust your times accordingly...I have done it many times before with good results.

As far as having issues with the Minion Method...don't be leary about adding unlit to the'll be fine. What brand of fuel will you be using?
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I dont own a kettle or cook baby backs but have used a little Kingsford Charcoal over the years so I speak about that issue. I think in an ideal world it would best to preburn it a little but I have added a lot of it unlit and couldn't detect much degradation in quality over the other way. Course if I really wanted quality I wouldn't have been using Kingford to start maybe it's a moot point Anytime I add any kind of fuel to a cooking fire I try to keep a real close eye and nose on the smoke. If it starts burning black and nasty or starts steenken I start fanning the lid..or the firebox door of an offset..till it clears up and turn purty again. Think if you will adopt that rule you will be ok. If you ever want the best get some Ozark Oak Lump. If you feeding wimmen..chillins or yankee inlaws Kingsford will work somewhut. It good enough for guv'ment work in other words

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