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Ash is a hardwood. The problem is it does not bear a nut or fruit. I don't think I would use it myself.

It makes beautiful plywood.

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Re: Ash smoking wood?

Have used Ash extensively in the offset log burning mode. Has good heat production and near neutral flavor/aroma. Works similar to hackberry in that it makes a good cheap base for more aromatic stuff in the offset configuration. Do not believe I would bother to use it as a flavoring wood on an R2D2 or similar contraption due to its blandness.


Originally Posted by ZBQ
Hey guys!
Back from a MAJOR computer meltdown!!
Lost everything!!


Is Ash wood good to smoke with?

If so, what flavor does it have? Strong, mild ect.

Saw a guy selling it on E-bay but I can get all the green and white ash I will ever need in 10 lifetimes around here.

Nice to see all of you again!!


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Lots of heat production with Ash, great for the woodstove. Bet it would be great to make Lump out of.
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