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Gold d,

If you're just starting out I'd recommend going with a Weber. For grilling
I'd go with one of these: ... n&n=507846

And for smoking they don't come any better than the tried and true WSM: ... n&n=286168

If after a couple of years you still love it and you will and the lust kicks in, I'd get one of these:

So for a little more than $300 you can get started with on of the finest quality grills and smokers ever invented. I'd say that's a pretty good deal. Welcome to the board and ask and post away. Good luck to you!

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I would opt for a Weber smokey Mountain...$200 or under and very good quality and exceptional fire control and burn times. It is charcoal based with wood chunks for flavor.

If you are going to look at a offset, you are better off spending your money on a good one...Gator or Klose. The Brinkmanns at Home Depot ar crap in my honest opinion...very thin. They might start in the $600 or more depending on the options. These would be more of a "stick burner" smoker vs. charcoal.

Do you have a budget to start with? Perhaps a call to Klose or Gator is in order. You couls PM Ritch from Gator as he is a member here under "GatorPit"

Hope that helps initally...

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I will add only this...
You don't need anymore info than Kloset gave you with those first two links.

Don't go out spending a bunch of money until you decide that you like this 'hobby' (life). All that will do is have us fighting over your auction on ebay.

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Just get yourself a Brinkman Water Smoker and save your money, 'cause in just a few months you'll be so hooked you can't stand it and will want that big smokin' pit everyone dreams of!
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Before you make your decision look at the Backwoods and Stumps line.

Both make a mighty fine unit.

Good Q!

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