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A couple hours--

after our afternoon app of fingerling 'fries' with banana ketchup, dinner--grill-roasted bottom round, a 3-lb bottom round cut rubbed with a mix of green, white and black ground pepper, granulated garlic and onion, thyme and marjoram. Roasted in the kettle with WGWW (in fairly heavy rain) at a lid temp of ~350, to an internal of 145.

While the round was cooking I sliced and sauteed in butter, 2 jalapeƱos and half a roasted red bell pepper, mashed a bit. When the jals were softened and starting to brown, I added 4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped, and about 1/3 c of chicken stock, reduced the stock a little, then turned off the heat. I brought salted water to a boil in another pot and then kept it hot till the beef was done.

While the beef was resting, I cranked the water in the pot and added some whole wheat pappardelle. (I love whole wheat pasta but it needs an assertive sauce to work well, hence the one I chose.) When the pasta was almost done, I removed about 1/3 c of the cooking water, reserving it, and warmed the pan with the pepper-garlic mixture. The drained pasta was added to this pan along with a little of the reserved cooking water, a knob of butter, a few small tomatoes, quartered, and about 1 T chopped cilantro leaves. This I allowed to heat while I sliced the beef, to allow the pasta to absorb some sauce.


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Wow. That looks good.

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Looks like a grand meal.
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love the banana ketchup, It's great.
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Nanner castsup??? looks fine Boy
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What they said, where does the line form?


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