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350F Butt

I finally tried a HH pork butt and the results were great! As good PP as any I've made. The butt was ~8lbs, nicely trimmed, still a nice fat cap on it.

Put it on at 10:15am, wet rub brushed on. Dry rub + a little cider vinegar and worcestershire, 2/3 ring unlit lump, 1/3 chimney lit + 4 chunks apple wood:

By 12:15pm the WSM was up to 350F (dry pan, clay saucer) and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the cook.

At 1:30pm (3.25 hours) it reached 165F internal:

I basted on another coat of wet rub and continued cooking:

Just shy of 5 hours it reached 190F internal. It still felt a little too firm but I double foiled and in the cooler thinking there would be lots of residual heat to finish tenderizing.

2 hours rest later it was still too firm IMO. So into a 325F oven for another hour, then another hour in the cooler. It was then FOTB, amazingly tender and juicy (picture is kind of a wash, wrong color setting , it had more color than that):

It had great bark, lots of flavor, I really don't see a downside to HH butt from this cook. Not to mention a strong BACON aroma .

If there was a downside it's my perpetual annoyance with too much grease/dripping smoke with an empty water pan using higher heat.

5 hours was pretty amazing. Next time I'll let it get more tender before removing it, so if it's like this one probably 6 or 7 hours. The residual heat didn't do as much work as I thought it might.

I quite like this brush on wet rub business. Would be even better overnight I think, it sticks to vertical surfaces and is less messy than sprinkling and/or mustard slather.

2 thumbs way up from me for HH butt. This one really had me cursing the time spent on overnighters trying to hold it steady at 225F, what a waste of good night's sleep.

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I LIKE I LIKE!! Nice work Shawn!!! Gonna have to give that a shot for my next butt cook!

Larry Wolfe
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I do HH for catering jobs. No one has ever complained. I think its just as good. Thanks for posting.
Bill The Grill Guy
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interesting, thanks for the results
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I need to try that this weekend, we have some friends commin over for dinner
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I've been cooking these the last few times at 350-375. Getting done in about 6hrs. Nobody has complained yet. I can't tell that much difference. Roger
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Looks good Shawn. Knew them butts could take some heat but didnt think of the 350 range. Nice to know and thanks for sharing.

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Man that looks really good Shawn. Wish I was doing a butt or two soon.
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Gonna have to try that out Shawn....look real good & tasty from here

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Looks great Shawn!

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