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NEW to this forum, but not the Grills or Dutch Ovens

Hello Folks,

Ever wonder where Grilling first began? ......Outside in the grate outdoors. When someone came to the idea Hot cooked dinosaurs, had a better taste after cooked. Then came the wagons West, with campfires burning and cooking all kinds of cought Game, Fish and about whatever, then someone tried a different way.

Just as NEW, as I can be with almost, 70-years of gone. Man how time flies.

My father, hunted, ate what he shot, cooked, Grilled his own game and Fish and I learned what he did wrong I went about improving the idea of outdoor cooking thinking all the while he was the first. Once, I asked my Dad what got him started cooking on a grill. "Simple he said, your Mother did not want to cook and clean Fish or Game, so if he wanted to keep eating what I shot, I had to learn to do it myself.

During my time in the Young Marines, Boy Scouts and Military service I was the go to guy for cooking M.R.E. (Meals Ready to Eat) placing cans on the Jeep engine block, letting the Jeep run to cook up cans of soup, beef, spam and who knows what.

I'm always in the Backyard cooking Burgers (with real butter rolled up inside for added flavor), Spicy Hot Dogs, Corn with the cobs socked in water for 30-mins. Always a little pot of cooking Chile for Hot dogs.

Camping trips, is where I found may way to the Dutch Ovens, still learning as there are truly so many combinations, I did make an apple pie and beef stew, Have never felt good about the outcomes. Both seemed under cooked.

As for my skills around Grills here I always ask what do you want to know as there truly is so much to all of them. There is the basic Grill, Smokers, Camp Stoves, Pellets. As I am trying to write this without adding any company names while keeping this short.

I look forward to learning from all of you and watching your Videos & Photos. You can never ask me a bad question or one someone is not thinking about asking. So please step up and I'll share with you some tips I've learned watching about all the many outdoor Grilling professionals.
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camp-stoves, dutch ovens, fire pit, grilling, smoker

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