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New Guy from Missouri

Hello, BBQ Central! I come from JB's Youtube channel. Thought I'd take the time to join and say hi rather than just reading other's posts anonymously. Born and raised in MO. Been grilling as long as I can remember. Learned most of what I know from my uncle as a kid. I've cooked with charcoal almost exclusively (except when cooking at someone else's place, or a few times at home on an electric grill that was given to me), but I'm not here to trash anyone's preference. Got interested in smoking stuff just a few years ago, but didn't try until recently when a buddy gave me an ECB. First thing I smoked was the picnic roast below that I pulled. Turned out OK, but probably could have taken it up to 200 internal as it didn't pull as easily as it should.

I have the aforementioned ECB, and for my birthday I got an 18.5" WSM. I also have Weber Gold 22.5" grill, and a Sunbeam electric grill, which is in my shed and hasn't been used in 2 years. I usually grill 2-3 times a week, and smoke when I can. I often do a lot of brats and pork steaks (not chops), but I also like to do chicken breasts if they're still on the bone.

Happy cooking!

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Re: New Guy from Missouri

Welcome iamtorsoul, good to have you here and I don't have to tell you we like pictures. Sounds like you have a nice BBQ arsenal started.

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Re: New Guy from Missouri

Howdy...welcome. Glad you are here.
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Re: New Guy from Missouri

Welcome to the crazy world of smoking a big piece of meat until its so tasty and tender, that it falls off the bone, greatest bunch of people, you'll ever want to know. good way to start is with the pictures, but you got to learn that I'm the unofficial official taste tester around these parts, and you can see from my pic that I'm gettin pretty thin in the skin. so send samples, of your cooks.
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New Guy from Missouri

Welcome from Springfield Mizzouri and SmokeMifUgotM! GO TIGERS BOO KU
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Re: New Guy from Missouri



Nobody will hold it against you for knowing JB as long as you keep on posting pictures.

There's nothing wrong with learning on an ECB, as long as it doesn't discourage you. (one of 'em almost did me in many years ago)
You mention Weber a couple of times. Around here, a Weber is a very good thing.


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