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Discombobulated BBQ'r
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Howdee from the "half way to everywhere" state (Kansas)

New member and long time lurker here.
Figgere'd I'd pony up and join today.

Long time BBQ'r here. First smoker was a pine wood outhouse looking thing with a Hibachi in the bottom. Sittin' on a wood deck (never claimed to be smart). firebox lined with tin and firebrick.
Stuff tasted t'rrible.
then caught fire. The whole thing about went poof but put her out and from then on I was in BBQ/Smokin' heaven. My gawd meat and fish tasted good outta that thing. I lived in Washington State at the time and kept myself in a steady supply of Salmon, Sturgeon, and Venison.

fast forward about 30 years and had the means to have a small trailer pit built.
Been using that about 6 years now for larger gatherings and just plain chillin'.
Also have a few bullets hangin' around somewhere. I use a masterbuilt elect model 0110 the most though. Probably 'cause i'm basically lazy (gimpy is more like it). Does an ok job for family type stuff.
I stopped grillin' when I married my bride 19 years ago. She cleaned my clock on some steaks waaaay back when. So she grills now and I vacuum, just about as often too - lol

I've been fairly active for on about 35 years and relied heavily on my note books, logs, journals, whatever ya wanna call 'em. Had a house fire (not BBQ related, btw - ALWAYS have a fire extinguisher handy from every room and check those detector batteries) 'bout 4 years ago and lost everything. Don't care about things like clothes, tv's, furniture. Family (lost my mother - sad face) is safe and lost every dang thing related to my BBQ'n history. My recipe memory bank isn't very good and have spent the last 4 years tryin' my best to reestablish my bibles (recipes, logs, journals, notes, whatever ya wanna call them).

So, here I am. easin' back into my love for BBQ and curin'.
Thanks for a great forum and I'm sure I'll see ya around the back 40.


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Hi and welcome to the forum. LOVE the evil apple you have there....Post up some pics or recipes as you have em... we're always interested (especially around dinner time)

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Saint O'Que
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Welcome. Glad you're here.
I, too, noticed your avatar and at first I thought it was Audrey 2.

The Battle Wagon used on the BBQ Pitmasters Show "Chicken Wang, Chicken Wang, Chicken Wang" NOW lives in O-Town, Floriddy
Stump's Smoker "Baby" (Pretty in Pink)
Stump's Smoker "Tailgater"
Stump's Smoker "Monster" (01/08/2013)
Weber Smokey Joe (Homer Simpson Edition Mini BGE
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Welcome to the Forum!
Buzz Price
WSM 18.5 WSM 22.5 Performers, Black & Green Q 300 Gasser
KCBS Certified Judge #53267
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Hey Gimpy..hearty welcome.
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The Yellow Brick Road leads here.....Welcome!
Native Texan.....Caldwell
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Welcome to the jungle

I hope this isn't negative!
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