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Talking Hot Springs Arkansas Newbie

I am really new to the bar b q scene. I have recently acquired a used Master Forge propane smoker that had a damaged Handle which I managed to repair with a little amateur welding. Outside of the handle, it is an almost new unit.
As the only experience I have had with smoking is a wasted lifetime of tobacco use, (I am presently 2 years 2 months tobacco free), and other herbal substances from an earlier questionable youth, this is a new embarkation for me.
Therefore, when I ask that really dumb question that everyone else knows, please be patient with me.
a little more about me, I am a recently retired vocational instructor in Pharmacy
Technology, Certified Nursing assistant. I also spent 25 years as an LPN in different aspects of nursing, long term care, ICU, pediatrics. I did a time of Travel nursing where I was able to spend some time in different areas of the country and managed to try some different cuisines. I love food, especially smoked meats and veggies.
I am now going to start out with some whole chickens, spare ribs and a pork roast. I am actually a little apprehensive about doing it all at once, but typically, I like to go.....wait for it.....whole hog!!

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Cook at 250, temp your chicken, test the pork by inserting the ease of the temp prob, and when ribs bend in a half moon they are done. Brisket was my hardest with some failures added to baked beans, and others overdone called pulled beef, but when you get it figured out what a reward!

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manage the heat first then carefully manage your recipes properly mix your ingredient after then grill it in your grill with constant temp until your meat becomes brownish color.
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I new on this site but have some smoking experience, Like you tobacco free since 2006 but not without medical issues, Ironically not a result of the smoking.
I went from 2 or more packs a day to at least 10 to 20 lbs a week of meat and the larger being turkey and not the "Turkish blend"!
For smoking meats, you need to keep the temp 225 to around 250, you can go a little higher on the temp, but never let it go below 225 for an extended time.
You need to have a reliable meat thermometer, preferably a digital. I have a wireless therm and its great. For ribs there really is no temp test because the slab is too thin. I do a 3-2-1 method, That is 3 hrs on the smoker rack, wrap in foil at the end of 3 hrs and add juice, apple or whatever you want, Wrapped ribs on rack for 2 hrs and then at the end of the 2 hrs ,unfoil and place back on rack and smoke 1 more hour and meat will be pulled back on rib bone. I feel you need the full 6 hours to get the tenderness of the rib. You will swear that the ribs are going to be cooked to a crisp, but the bark is a bonus. Add your sauce 15 minutes before removing them from the smoker
All other smokes, use the thermometer and smoke to a 165 degree internal temp for poultry and a little less for other meats or as as required. Pork can be lower. This is where the wireless digital therm is handy. Place the therm and shut the door and let it smoke, only open the door to add wood chips or water etc.. You lose a lot of heat by opening the door! As they say on the smoking forums, "You're not cookin if you're lookin"! Adjusting the temps on a propane smoker is touchy, just the slightest turn will change your flame and temp.
I started out with a propane smoker and found just 1/16th of a turn changed my temps as well as wind and outside temps.
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chicken, newbie, pork roast, ribs

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