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Char Griller
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Hello from Eastern Iowa

Hello, new to the boards here.
I`m 47 years young and love to grill for my wife and daughter and myself. Been grilling for 25 years but by no means am I "good" at it. I`d call myself fair at it.
So far I only grill steaks, burgers, chicken and pork. Never have I done a low and slow cook, mostly because I`m not eqiped for it. But hopefully that will change by next year. Looking to buy a bullet smoker next spring.
But I`m notorious for over cooking my meats. Not often when my wife and daughter wants something med-rare, can I actually deliver. I think they are just conditioned to overcooked meats.
Hope that can all change soon. Doing alot more research on grilling and found this site, which should help me alot.
I dont often use the vents on my kettle grill, leave them wide open mostly and pretty much have no idea of the temps I`m cooking on so I need to work on this skill.
Looking forward to learning what I can from this forum.

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Saint O'Que
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Welcome to the forum. There's a lot of information here.

Didi anybody ever tell you how much you look like Sgt. Schultz?


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Vewwy Intewesting..and welcome to the foum Mom er I mean Sarge. I figgered out the key to grilling when I realized the el cheapo instant read gauge from WW can be stuck sideways into steak..chops..parts of sundry deceased barn yard avians etc. Fortunately we are hot pink middle types for steaks and like loin cooked enough to kill worms but not enough to get dry. I wear the 150 position plumb out on most grilling chores. Now the eldest of the male chillins uses the old thumb and finger pinch method and that seems to work too. Just cant quite get the hang of it personally. I think maybe my thumb ball is too hard or soft or something. How many kidney beans goes in chili? Thanks .
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Welcome to the Forum YoMoma, good to have you here!
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