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Greetings from Colorado

Hi everyone, I'm TomT and I’ve been grilling for years (many, many years). I have achieved some great things on my Weber and off brand grills, but even though we’ve called it BBQ, I knew that I really wasn’t BBQ-ing. But oh how I wanted to BBQ, I wanted to smell, feel and taste the smoke…I have eaten some pretty darn good BBQ, in my travels from Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina and a lot points in between and all around. And on one glorious Father’s Day, this year, 2011, my family presented to me a Brinkmann Barrel Smoker/Grill.

Now you have to realize this was the newbie level. . . $50 special (doesn’t even have side vents) but to me on that day it was a freakin’ Ferrari, the best gift ever! And it didn’t take me long to get it assembled, cured and ready to go.

My first attempt at true BBQ gave us the most beautifully black barked baby-backs you could imagine..hard as a rock and dry as a bone and I was still happy as a clam…because I knew I could do better and over the next few weeks my ribs came out much better. I had put together a pretty good Rub with the flavor profiles I liked (the family likes it too!). I have done lots of ribs, sausage and a couple of chickens, we've eaten more BBQ in the summer of 2011 then ever!

Then came my first Brisket…the best I could describe the result is to say..imagine biting into a nice crisp apple! By Brisket number three it was much better. I just did my first Pork Shoulder and loved it! I have learned a lot about how important controlling heat and maintaining temperature is with this little guy…and I know I have just begun on a journey that will take a lifetime to perfect and I have a lot to learn but it sure is fun and I hope to learn from y’all! Thanks for being here.


Oh and I promise pics as I come along!

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Re: Greetings from Colorado

Great to have you!! Welcome to the forum!

Host of The BBQ Central Radio Show
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Re: Greetings from Colorado

Welcome TT, you have come to the right place for great BBQ and helpful folks. If you have not discovered the BBQ Central Radio Show, Tuesday nights on The Barbecue Central Radio Networks, you should check it out, and the other shows on this Network too.
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Re: Greetings from Colorado

Hey tt welcome to the funny farm. Sounds like you getting that Brinkmann figgered out. Prob been more decent bbq cooked on one than a person can imagine. To paraphrase great grandpappy George Wheeler Patton..."Its the best bbq weapon ever devised." Now that Patton fella say that about the M1 Garand of course and realize much weightier issues was involved. I like to joke around a lot. Have you heard any good Texan jokes lately? Thanks.
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Re: Greetings from Colorado

Nice opening post tt! Like buzz has said in the past, the best part about this you get to eat your mistakes! Welcome to the jungle!
I hope this isn't negative!
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