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Vegetarian Main Dishes for 100? Father forgive me for I Sin

Vegetarian Main Dishes for 100? Father forgive me for I Sin

I need a couple choices to give a possible cater gig of Vegetarian Main Dishs to go along with my BBQ and Sides. There will be about 100 people so I need a good tasting recipe that can be made in bulk.

Hard Part.... NO MAYO.

TofU-B-Q? lol

Sorry for asking about something without MEAT.

Thanks folks!
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Grilled portabello's, boca burgers, zuccini shishkabobs, black bean borreto's, 3 bean salad, stuffed tomato's. Well there are a few ideas for ya.

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This will be a drop off delivery and not grilling there so keep them ideas coming folks.

Winning Recipe [if I get the job] wins a Pit Pirate BBQ Shirt as seen on JB Damnit BOY Production TV.

Now pay attention BOY

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Mashed potatoes and mac n cheese...............damn vegans
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I did boca burgers on my pit after a whole hog one time. The pig fat gives them a ton of flavor! Stupid Vegetarian folk. Guess it's okay to grill a veg burger over coals with pork fat. What dumb chump's.
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Mike do these vegetarians eat seafood? If so, grilled fish or seafood tacos with a peach/mango salsa would be great. Or bell peppers with stuffed with rice and grilled vegetables and/or tofu or beans. Or grilled portabellas stuffed with grilled peppers and onions topped with mozzarella. Or Shish kabobs with tofu chunks and veggies basted with Italian dressing. Or Grilled vegetable lasagna. Or vegetable chili served in hollowed out bell peppers.

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Sure sampled a mighty fine squash casserole at the grocery store the other day.

San Antone Squash Casserole (adapted from Threadgill's in Austin)

2 oz butter divided (plust some for the pan)
2 cups diced yellow onyawn
2 lbs sliced yellow squash
1 lb. Kraft Americkan Cheese cubed
1 8 oz can Old El Paso chopped green chilies
1 10 oz can Campbell's cream of celery soup
*2 T. Victoria Taylor's Mediterrainian Spice Seasoning (aisle 4a)
*3/4 Ian's Bread Crumbs (4b)
salt n peppa to taste

Preheat oven to 350. In large skillet sweat out the onyawns in half the butter. In a separate skillet sautee the squash in the other half of the butter until soft. Drain any liquid. Butter a casserole dish and pack it with everything cept the bread crumbs. Salt and peppa to taste. Bake until heated through and cheese has melted. Drag it out..stir and top with the bread crumbs. Bake 5 mins or until bread crumbs looks good. Makes 8 to 10 servings.

*The lady who was making this was using Kellogs Corn Flake bread crumbs. Fritoes also works well if you aint got no bread crumbs. Not sure about that Mediterrian Seasoning but nearly bet any good bbq rub sub out just fine. Looks purty easy to multiply the servings till it fill up a big Sams Pan. That should work. Think I would just throw the onyawns and squash into the same pot and drain em both if it was me. Theres a million recipes along this line floating around in cyber space.


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