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God O'Que
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How do you guys that cook on site keep you meats and such below the 41 degree level. The Ohio revised code has stated the following for Mobile food Service operations:

"No potentially hazardous may be stored in an ice filled chest"

How are you supposed to keep butts and chicken cold? Maybe a cooler, with a lid, is not considered and ice filled chest.

Some thoughts????

Uncle Bubba

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Well if they like the nutty health goons we got around here they prob expect you to have a fully functioning commercial grade ice box..freezer etc. All in SS of course. Smart legal folks dont cook on site. They cook it in a fully enclosed health dept. approved kitchen and bring it out hot in the Cambrio gizmos. The only folks I know who cooks on site is illegal catering types. There aint no legal way to do on site that I ever heard of with one exception. In this part of the world close to a major legal holiday they will allow you to cook onsite for only a 35 buck temp permit. You still got to be under cover..bleach water...table clothes...blah blah blah. You bound to have heard the speil.


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I don't understand that. The local sanitarians don't have an issue with it. I think that this may refer to cooked or prepared food. Not sure what to tell you. Like I said on the phone, CALL YOUR LOCAL HEALTH DEPT AND TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!!!!!
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Great idea Peter! But sadly, block ice is a thing of the past around here. You have to make your own. I have a few square 3 gal plastic buckets to make mine, but the take up a ton of room in the deep freezer. I do have a electric chiller cooler from a auction that has a flip up and fold down door for big gigs that I can mount on my trailer, but that's a PITA.

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