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I have no idea what folks are used to paying in the great white North.
I usually ask how many people and what they want to eat, then figure
out food costs. Then I set 2 prices, one I'd like to get, and the bottom
amount I'll do it for. Then I call em back and negotiate.

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Generally, nothing gets produced for less tha $8.50 a head. You have to make some money. If you can figure out how much it's going to cost you, take your food cost times 3. Times 4 if you can and charge it. That's what your commercial competition is doing. They have the bulk buy advantage, you have quality and TLC.

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Re: General Pricing

Originally Posted by Big Ben's BBQ
Hi Guys
I am looking for some general pricing when catering.

Back Ribs Meal 1/2 rack, baked beans, coleslaw... How much per plate
Same as above but full rack...

Whole chickens, baked potato, coleslaw... How much per plate ?

Any general rules re catering ?

Thanks for adding this new section !!!!!!!
I sell ribs for $18.00 a rack and that is vacume sealed ready to reheat. If I was doing a job with ribs, then I would go 14-15 a plate. Gary is good at figuring prices. GARY?
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