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Charity Fundraiser

Just got an interesting opportunity. A local fellow occasionally calls me when he needs some help with local charity projects. He called today needing some support for a fund raising event for the Lions club and as it turns out they were planning a BBQ, serving up crock pot BBQ (slow boiled meat with BBQ sauce on it). So I says, rather than me giving you cash, how about I furnish the meat really qued and ready to eat (pulled pork and chicken for 200) and sauce on the side. He jumped all over it and it lets me provide support doing something I love - and to top it off, the local market has butts on sale for .98 cents - I love it when a plan comes together

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Sounds like a lot of fun for a good cause

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Excellent big dude!
I hope this isn't negative!
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Right on BD.... $.98 lb...Thats awesome.... Im goin to help out this year with the . I cant wait!
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Good job Bid Dude. Them Lions Club folks are in general some mighty nice folks. Least the ones around here. Last time I got involved with em on a similar endeavor was at a chili cookoff they was sponsoring where they wanted all the cooks to furnish 5 gallons of chili each..with the extra to be peddled to the ravenous onlookers as a fund raiser. Didn't really see the wisdom on that plan so finally talked em into 4 or 5 of the members to bring their charcoal or gas grills to the scene of the crime and cooking up Brats and hot dawgs donated by the local supermarket. Worked out real well. Chili cooks was happy cuz they just cooked the regular amount for turn in etc. All the transplanted yankees rushed to the scene to buy the brats. The chillins ate the dawgs like little piglets. The Lions made a bunch of money. Everybody was happy.

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