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anyone ever heardof, or use this contraption>????



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hmmm..Cookshack clone on steroids?

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Sorta whut I was thinking. Sure wouldn't mind having one. Know it dont taste as good as real bbq but it sure a lot less hassle. I been giving my electrified Brinkmann Gourmet a purty good workout. Cooked a 15 lb trimmed packer on it here while back. Took less than 8 hrs and came out about as good as any I've tasted. Old blacksmith pal used to have one and bothered to put a temp gauge on it..said it cooked at about 290 in good weather. He thought that was too fast and he say it make his electric meter spin too rapid. Wound up giving it away. Shoot all it take is a few holes in the firepan and you be in the charcoal and chunk bizness real fast.

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Have ya ever use the equipment called "Alto-Sham". It a great do it all commercial oven for restaurants & Caters.
This appears to a clone of Alto-Sham, not cook shack and if it can handle the workload like a Alto-Sham then maybe it's a winner!
I've used Alto-Sham in Culinary Schools and in restaurant kitchens.
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