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Red Pepper-Eggplant Spread - Trader Joes

For those of you who liver in areas blessed by the bounty of a Trader Joes store, I'm sure you know it's a wonderous place full of many suprisingly good but simple products. I recently dsicovered a new condiment there which is now essential to my everyday life! It's called:

Red Pepper Spread with Eggplant & Garlic

At $1.49 for a 12 ounce Jar, it's a steal considering the wallop of flavor you get from a smear of it. If yuo want to try and make it yourself, here are the ingredients:

Sunflower Oil
Acetic Acid
Hot pepper

It sounds simple enough to try. To reverse-engineer this spread I would suggest:

Roasting some red bell peppers & Eggplants & mashing them up
Adding some roasted and mashed garlic
some Salt & Pepper
a Splash of lemon Juice (insetad of the Acetic Acid)
and topping it off with some mashed roasted hot peppers (your choice)

It has a light, creamy body. It spreads smoothly and imparts a gentle but very obvious heat. It's replaces Mayo in our house for most things and even works in place of mustard on some foods. Its bright color is appealing as well.

I use it to make my special smoked chicken wraps. I take a piece of lavosh bread (or whsatever you use for wraps), spread it liberally with the Red Pepper Spread, layer some shredded smoked chicken, and then add a mixure of white corn kernals, shopped red oinion and canned Pickled red cabbage. That's all. I then roll it up and pack it in my Hubby's lunch. Yum.

Try whipping some of this stuff up if your aren't able to amble on down to TJ's and buy a jar. it's simply delicious.
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