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These are some good folks to deal with. Great prices and shipping is extremely reasonable. In fact, they sent me an email to tell me the shipping charges were less than I paid and my bill had been adjusted. They also threw in an extra container of Head Country Rub.
I appreciate the fact that they have so many BBQ Rubs, Sauces, Accessories, etc.

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Some of the greatest bunch of folks which has ever breathed air in my book. If I wasn't a po underpaid pubic servant I would prob buy something from them. Or maybe slap them up side the head with the Warden's high limit Onyx Visor Card. I still wear my Smokey Angel Wings with immense pride. They musta been hard up for worthy applicants that year. Its been a while back. In fact seems like back in them days the Dead Sea was still only sick.


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With recommendations like these I have it bookmarked and will start saving my money so I can buy something. Thanks for the tip!
Buzz Price
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Like Buzz said. I already saw a basting mop I would like to order.
Smokey Lew
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