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Book Review: BBQ 25 (pics)

Book Review: BBQ 25

Can you tell that it's officially barbecue and grilling season? I am posting
yet another review, and there are more on the way. I am a bit backlogged,
but that isn't a bad thing.

This time out I'll be giving you my thoughts on the new BBQ 25 by Adam
Perry Lang, or "APL" as he is often referred to in various online barbecue

Late last summer I raved about Adam's book Serious Barbecue, and I will
rave about this book as well. This is a very different book, aimed at a
somewhat different audience, but with the same great roots.

Here is a portion of how Harper Studio describes it:

While Serious Barbecue was the ultimate, comprehensive guide
to contemporary outdoor cooking, Adam Perry Langs BBQ 25 is its
ultra-simplified distillation, created for those times when
resources are limited, and space and time are of the essence.
Here are step-by-step, foolproof recipes for the 25 most
commonly grilled meats-from rib eye to pork rib to chicken
wings to sausages-presented in an easy-to-use, easy-to-
clean, four-color, 64-page board book format.

I must say that I completely agree with that description. Put simply, it's a
user-friendly distillation of the key recipes from his previous book.

The form and layout of this book are revolutionary for cookbooks. As you
can somewhat see in the picture below, it is packed with great
need-to-know information that is presented in a way that people think
about cooking.

It starts with the meat cut and equipment list in graphical form, then
moves into the ingredient list, then a graphical depiction of the major
process steps, then into the actual process. Again, the format is very
refreshing and easy to use. Oh, and it has the same outstanding
photography of the previous book, just much smaller.

If you are a grill and barbecue cook, you simply cannot go wrong with this
book. It's small, very concise, and packed with must-know basics.
However, like the previous book, it will stretch your the boundaries and
bring great new flavors to the table.

Get it, read it, and use it!


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Re: Book Review: BBQ 25 (pics)

Its got pics for puff and

Save the gas for the criminals Q with wood...

I get more sauced then my Ribs

My Bark is as good as my Bite!

Swine so fine it's Criminal

Never trust a skinny cook!!!!!!!!
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Re: Book Review: BBQ 25 (pics)

Got it like it, seems it will be good reference for a relative noob like myself. The laminate heavy cardboard pages are good for a slob like me too. Thanks for the review John.
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Re: Book Review: BBQ 25 (pics)

You betcha! I'm happy to do it.

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