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Blazing Blends© quality spice rubs

Blazing Blends© quality spice rubs
Blazing Blends© offers samples of all 4 flavors. ($1.99 S&H will apply).

I took them up on their sample offer about 6 months ago and I was very happy with the results. Now their Smoky Chili rub is the secret Ingredient in my Wild Irish Stew, a fusion of New Mexican and Irish flavors that can be made with the traditional Lamb or Beef if you prefer.

Their varieties include:

Of course, I am a BBQ Novice and am just getting into using specialty dry rubs so there may be better stuff out there. I just got tired of my hubby bringing home commercially prepared Chili rubs that were over half fillers such as flour, starch and such. So, I got online and looked around for something that was all spices and no fillers. I came across Blazing Blends and ordered me a sample. For $2, I figured I couldn't go wrong. They have a good 4 bottle deal which makes buying from them more cost-effective for me than making a rub myself.

Jim, the dude who makes this stuff say this of one bottle of Blazing Blends:
"A single bottle will season 300 wings or 12 full racks of ribs. "

I wouldn't know since I use these mostly in stews and pots of beans. I'm pretty happy with Blazing Blends and the four varieties give me good options.

They have a number of web specials which you can find here:

Give 'em a try. I'm in no way associated with Blazing Blends - I just like the stuff.
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