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Smoked Salmon

FuzzyKoehler has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Fuzzy's Smoked Salmon

The following recipe is a demonstration on how to prepare salmon on a Big Green Egg.

Your comments, questions, and concerns are welcome...and I'd appreciate it if you would share your experience or tweaks to this recipe.

2 Filets of fresh Salmon
1 Bottle of Low Sodium Teriyaki Sauce
8 Tablespoons of Honey
Blackening Seasoning
Maple (or Pecan) wood chips
1 Cedar Grilling Plank

Pairs With: none...the marinate is flavorful enough!

Suggested Side(s):
Almond Roasted Rice Pilaf (cooked in chicken stock)
Asian Medley Steam Fresh Vegetables

Method Of Cooking:
Big Green Egg (other smoker, grill, or even oven will work) with cast iron grate directly on top of the fire ring. Medium amount of Natural Lump Charcoal at 350-400 degrees for about 15-25 minutes or until Salmon is golden brown and flaking (cook times will vary based on Egg temperature and preference).

Total Cook/Prep Time: 5 minutes prep time, 12 hours of marination, 20 minutes for cooking (you may want to watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy)

Feeds: 2 lumberjacks (1 Salmon Filet each), or 4 people (1/2 Salmon Filet each)

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Smoked Salmon

Hey Fuzzy. Really enjoying your videos. Thanks for the effort and for posting them.

Backyard Gator Pit
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Re: Smoked Salmon

Thanks, Texas! It's been a fun side hobby for a while... just learning how to use the new camera is the hard part.
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Fuzzy, I tried your recipe tonight and it worked great. In fact, instead of a blackening seasoning, I used a bbq rub that I made and it turned out incredible! The only twist I did was to squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the salmon while it was cooking. But, I'll tell you, the mix of teriyaki and honey was sweet (no pun intended). Nicely done.
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Dang this is odd. Just snagged a chunk of wild caught by Sister Sarah most likely..Alaskan salmon that is. Found in the mark down bin at Kay Roger. Fives bucks and normally twenty something. Was wondering how to cook that puppy. Now I know. Thanks. Headed for the roof with a ladder and a wonder pry bar as we speak. Hope there is some cedar up there. Do brown 4 tabs work ok too? Im gonna get riled up if I get any leaks. What is that Terriyaka sauce bizness? J/K think I just throwed out some which had got a little too long in the tooth so to speak. I may sub out with some Kikkomann on that angle. Sounds delicious..I may do a
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