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My mussel recipe....Im looking for other ideas as mussels seem to be pretty cheap and as long as I get them close to the day they come into the store, they are pretty good !

I start out by sweating some shallots in a olive oil butter mixture. After they soften up, I add diced up plum tomatoes and some clam juice. I let that whole thing simmer till the tomatoes soften up and add a little fresh lemon juice and a good amount of minced garlic and parsley. I then bring the whole mess to a good "boil" and ad a healty shot of wine (usually whatevers around). As soon as it comes back up to a boil I add the clams. After they open ( usually within a few min) I add more chopped tomatos, garlic and butter and let simmer just long enough to melt the butter. Plate and sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley. Not only doea it taste good but the whole mess makes an awesome presentation. Serve either plain as is or over macaroni with a loaf of a crusty bread nearby for dipping..

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I'll eat that!

There's a sushi chef here that serves them with what I swear is a peanut butter sauce! He heats em up and drizzles the sauce over them.

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That's pretty much the way we eat them around here, except that we'll make linguini instead of mac....yummy

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