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1838 Shoat


1 quarter of a young pig
Salt and pepper
Lemon juice
Melted butter

Take either a hind or fore quarter, rub it well with salt, pepper, and a small portion of molasses, and if practicable, let it lie for a few hours; then rinse it clean, and wipe it dry with a cloth, and place it on a large gridiron, over a bed of clear coals. Do not barbecue it hastily, but let it cook slowly for several hours, turning it over occasionally, and basting it with nothing but a little salt-water and pepper, merely to season and moisten it a little. When it is well done, serve it without a garnish, and having the skin taken off, which should be done before it is put down to roast, squeeze over it a little lemon juice, and accompany it with melted butter and wine, bread sauce, raw sallad, slaugh, or cucumbers, and stewed fruit. Beef may be barbecued in the same manner.

The Kentucky Housewife by Mrs. Lettice Bryan, Cincinnati, 1838.

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Does Lettice have any recipes for collards?

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Originally Posted by Captain Morgan
Does Lettice have any recipes for collards?
I'll give you one Cappie.

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