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Wild Turkey Question

I have a pretty good method for storebought turkey here
http://amazingribs.com/recipes/chicken_ ... urkey.html

But I just had a reader ask me how he should alter cooking time for a wild turkey. Well I've never cooked one, only free rangers. Is the meat leaner? I'm guessing the breasts will be darker with more fast twitch muscles like the thighs. Right? If so, cooking time might be more forgiving. I advised him to follow my recipe and have a faux cambro (cooler) on hand in case it finishes early. Anybody have experience with these thangs?

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I killed 3 with one shot one time. #8 state issue low velocity skeet load from a single shot full choke lever action 12 gauge. Prob had at least 3 or 4 others crawl off in the brush and reach the expiry date out of view. We always just skinned em cuz that easier than plucking. I just wrapped a few strips of bacon around em and slow grilled them till done. They also make great turkey and dumplings. They do tend to be lean especially when they aint got no skin. Now my old game warden pal just cut em up and fry like chicken. Neva got around to trying em like that. Hope this helps.

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