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Smoked Turkey Meatloaf

Smoked Turkey Meatloaf.
Cooked in the pit and just plain delicious (you can also do it in the oven)
This recipe originally came from the Texas BBQ Rub website.
I HIGHLY recommend that you go to that website and buy some of the rub. It is an ingredient in the recipe.

What you will need:
3 pounds of lean ground turkey meat
1 medium onion, minced
1 medium bell pepper, minced
1 small jalapeno pepper, minced (optional)
6 egg whites
1 stack of Ritz crackers ( I used 25, wheat Ritz)
cup of grated Weight Watchers Reduced Fat Mexican Cheese
1/3 cup of Texas BBQ Rub
cup of Worcestershire sauce
cup of your favorite BBQ sauce (I used Texas Own BBQ Sauce-Original)
cup of liquid smoke if you are doing this in the oven
1 large foil loaf pan or pan approx 10x5x4

In a large bowl mix all the ingredients. It is best to use your hands for this, as a spoon just does not work as well. If you are going to cook this in the oven add the liquid smoke to the mixture, if you are going to cook on the pit leave out the liquid smoke. Spread evenly in the foil pan.
Pit cooking I like to cut about 6 slits in the side of the aluminum pan before I place the meat loaf on the pit. Cut them about half way up the sides of the pan. This will allow some smoke to enter the meat and will also allow for some of the meats juices to escape so the meat loaf is not as full of grease. Cook uncovered for about 2 hours at 225 degrees on the pit. Remove from the pit and pour the BBQ sauce on top of the meatloaf and return to the pit for about 30 more minutes. Cook to an internal temperature of 175 degrees. The meatloaf should be a bit firm.

Oven Cooking Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 1 hour. Remove from oven and spread the BBQ sauce on the top of the meatloaf and then return to the oven for and additional 15 minutes.

Now, here is the good news. The entire Meat Loaf prepared as above is 61 points. Cutting that into 8 servings (a little over 1" wide) is only 7 points. Very filling.
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