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John A's Chicken Parmesan

I love Chicken Parmesan and decided a long time ago that doing it restaurant style was just too time consuming as well messy with all of the pots and pans. Over the years I’ve developed a recipe that while not traditional provides me with Chicken Parmesan that gets high marks from all that have eaten it. In fact, it’s the most requested meal when family comes over.

Pound the boneless breasts to a uniform thickness; a side benefit is the tenderizing that occurs while doing this.

Season to taste and start frying in olive oil.

Chop up a little garlic.

Add garlic when they start to brown.

When nicely browned break out the homemade sauce, add to pan, cover and let simmer for 40-45 minutes.

Mix mozzarella with some grating cheese. After 40-45 minutes top chicken and cover for a couple of more minutes.

Slap a little sauce on top; plate it with a side of spaghetti and you’re ready to eat.

The sauce now has olive oil, garlic, and cheese added to it.

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