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The stew recipe is no secret. When we cook for charity, we use volunteers and its funny to see people with little notebooks writing things down, thinking that they are getting something secret.

The truth is, it is the 6 to 7 hours of stirring that makes it what it is. Letting it cook down thick enough that you think you are mixing orange concrete. I'll add this to the recipe section later, but for those that asked, here it is.

Start with 40 lbs of skinless boneless chicken thighs. Put them in a cast iron pot (about 20 gallons worth) along with with three pounds of ground fat back. Boil this and stir constantly until the chicken starts to fall apart. Then, add 20lbs of your favorite potato (cleaned and diced) and 15 lbs of white onion (also cleaned and diced). boil and stir until the potatoes get soft (about an hour). Add three cans of crushed tomatoes and bring back to a boil. Let simmer for about an hour. Add 4 cans of baby lima beans (drained). Crush about half of them. It's this and the potatoes that thicken the stew. Let the beans cook for another hour and keep stirring. If any of it sticks on the bottom of the pot it will ruin the batch. Once the beans are done, add three gallons of drained corn (your choice), a few sticks of margerine and keep stirring until the corn is tender. Turn off the heat, but keep stirring until cool enough to quart up in freezer containers. The only spices are 8 oz of salt, 10 oz of sugar, 1.4 oz of red and black pepper each. Add the spices in thirds, the first when the potatoes are added, second when the tomatoes are added and the last bit with the beans. Be prepared for things like green potatoes that will make it bitter, corn that can be too sweet (cut back on the sugar) and beans that can be too waxy. Every batch I make tastes different, because of these variables, but they are all knock your socks off good. No guarentees unless you are using a cast iron pot and a paddle that is made from a Brunsick County tree (Cherry or hickory maybe?).

This is a 20 gallon version of the recipe that we make in our 90 gallon and 55 gallon pots. It does not matter what church we are cooking for, the same people show up and buy it. I have seen people buy up to 100 quarts at a time. It freezes really well.

Anybody care to tell me about their favorite rib rub? PM is fine.

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