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Stuffed chuck la Drusilla

Here's one of my own creations. Sorry no photos, maybe next time.

Get a nice chuck roast at least 2 inches thick with some marbling
Cut a pocket in the longest end
slice an onion & a bell pepper into 1/4in ring halfs
1 can sliced mushrooms drained
Litely salt & pepper the the above
slice about 5 to 10 garlic cloves
for the outside of the roast rub with dried thyme, oregano
a little fresh cracked pepper & salt
Got it so far? good! Stuff as mutch of the veggies as you can inside the roast & make sure the garlic is in contact with the meat itself rather than in the middle of the veggies. Close the pocket & lay a strip of thick sliced raw bacon along the opening Use toothpicks to staple the roast somewhat closed 4 hands works better here
(I would not use string it'll burn)
The bacon should be behind the toothpicks to form somewhat of seal or door to keep the veggies from falling out
Grill both sides over hot charcoals adding your favorite wood for a smoky flavor
This is best not cooked past Med rare remove from the grill place in a pan or deep dish add a few pats of butter on the top cover with foil for 10min in a warm oven
To serve remove the tooth picks (you did count how many you used didn't you?) Slice & serve with any pan drippings the veggies will be still a little crunchy
I bet you won't have enough left for a sandwich the next day

Drusilla is the lane I live on

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Sounds good. i will have to give it a try sometime.
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