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Old Dave's White Burger

In the real world and after hundreds of government regulations, you canít get a good hamburger at any restaurant or any place that is regulated by a local Board of Health. Itís not gonna have any flavor because the fat content is regulated. Itís not gonna be cooked right in that it must be cooked to 165 or above finish degrees. You know... a dried out piece of leather.

Some history and you older folks might appreciate this. Years ago and when McDonalds first started, they had a plain burger that would just flat melt in your mouth. It was cooked to about 130 degrees and was pink in the middle and was just an outstanding treat. Well, that was axed and what they serve now is trash compared to the older burger. They also flat out had the best French fries in the world. Well, wouldnít you know..the dogooders found out that they were cooking the fries in beef tallow. OMG, isnít beef tallow just plain beef lard? As above, this was axed too and the best French fries you will ever taste is gone. Doncha love ďBig Brother?Ē

Next, you canít purchase good meat...again regulated by the darn government! I think floor scrapings are ok but the real secret to a great burger is the nice white beef fat and lots of it. And of course, it must be cooked to no higher than about 130 degrees for the best results. The over the counter USDA burger is just plain nasty and is so full of crap that it must be cooked to a much higher temp to kill off all the nasties in the meat.

Now, whatsa fellow to do??? MAKE YOUR OWN. Making your own is easy and you can control just what goes into the meat. It is much safer and I feel it is as safe as steak and can be cooked to the lower temps that will produce a much more flavorful burger.

My setup for making my own burger meat.

I started with two nice fresh cut chuck roasts that weighed a total of 7-1/2 pounds. Now for you folks that donít know, ground chuck roast is about 80% lean and 20% fat. Much, much too lean for good burger. In the white bowl, I have about 5 pounds of good clean white fat cuttings from a whole ribeye loin and a couple of briskets. I would guesstimate this at about 75% fat and 25% lean.

The goal I am shooting for is about 60% lean and 40% fat in my completed burger.

Some might ask why I call it white burger? White is THE flavor in your burger! Just look at that beautiful stuff coming out of my grinder.

That is about 12 pounds of the most flavorful burger you will ever taste.

I bag this burger and then mark it for only my grilled burger meat as I sure donít want to waste it in chili or some other treat.

I havenít had a chance to cook any of this batch yet but here is three burgers from an earlier batch of my homemade burger.

These homemade burgers were cooked to about 130 internal degrees and this is the results. You bite into one of these and the juice goes down both sides of your chin and you know you are in Heaven.

Some of the above are my opinions and I donít expect everyone to agree with me but I do eat some great burgers!

Old Dave
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Agreed Dave, but as I get older I've learned I need to do it all in moderation, fewer burgers and more chicken and fish, but when I do a burger I'd rather have it be like yours. You keep making post like this and I may have to go out and get a grinder and a big freezer.

Buzz Price
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Buzz, I eat burgers so little that a burger like that really wouldn't hurt me! I'm gonna give those a try!
I hope this isn't negative!
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Mcdonalds used to have good food? How long ago was this? I guess that's why they call you "old" dave, lol! I worked at mickey-d's when I was a kid I remember the boxes of frozen beef patties we unloaded off the truck said "grade D Brazilian beef, EDIBLE". I always found that amusing. Nevertheless, a box or 2 sometimes found it's way into my trunk, and we'd have a big bbq party! Nowadays when I make burgers it's elk or buffalo. Next time, I just may grind in some brisket fat though, if I can do it without the wife finding out...
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Thanks for the great white burger recipe, Dave! Yesterday I cooked a brisket, and remembered to save some of the fat trimmings to grind in (about 20%) with elk burger for tonight. Best elk burgers ever. This is how I will do it from now on.
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My family does a cook off every year, they never do a meat that I like and this year it's burgers so I may give this a go!
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